Custom action - endpoint not working

Hello everyone.

I’m trying to implement a custom action. The action’s trigger is “When Item Created”. Even after I create an item I cant find any log files on my server, meaning the action did not call my endpoint.

Can anyone explain what could be the problem?

hi @Gattegno

Welcome to the community. From your recipe I see you included the board in your recipe. That might be the issue. The standard trigger works on the board you applied the integration to, the boardId in your trigger should come from the context (not from the recipe sentence). If that does not work please show us a screenshot of your custom action setup.

Ty for the reply. I changed the origin of the board id to be context and still it is not working.

cant reveal my full web address sorry.

Did you try to post to your action endpoint with Postman (or something like that)?

Did it with “Make Simple HTTP POST And GET Requests Online” and it works.

Understood, so your action endpoint is working and accessible from the Internet. I would recommend to create a new recipe, take a standard trigger (like When item is created) and do not change the trigger part of the recipe (don’t include the boardid in the sentence). Just like this:

Thanks for the reply.

I created another integration just like up here and got no results.

In another attempt I created another integration just like this one only the custom action Send’s the POST to another endpoint. the other endpoint got the POST and the first endpoint did not.

What could be the reason for that?

mmm strange. Are you using authentication middleware when defining your endpoint?"/myapp/recipeaction", authenticationMiddleware, myApp.recipeAction);

No I don’t use it.

would you care to elaborate about that middleware ?

Hey, if I might ask, are both end points on the same physical server?

The end points are not on the same server.
The working one is an Host Gator server and the other one is our organizational server.

In this case there might be a conflict with CORS. But I could be wrong.
The best way to check that would be to look at the HTTP status code in the browser console.

The middelware authenticates the request. The code can be found in the quickstart example for an integration. See: welcome-apps/authentication.js at master · mondaycom/welcome-apps · GitHub

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Hi @Gattegno!

Apologies for delay in response here, I believe this may have been in the wrong section in our community and was only just moved over.

Are you still experiencing an issue? Please let us know if so. For now, I’ll mark @basdebruin’s middleware suggestion as the solution.


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