Custom Automation to notify people column in subitem

I’m trying to create a custom automation that has multiple notifications to different people columns. It seems as though any people columns in a subitem can’t be selected in a custom automation but they can be selected in the preset automations. Am I missing something or is this capability just not available yet?

Thanks all!

Hi @RyanSWS!

It is available and you can choose it BUT I have found that when I try to first create an subitem automation, not all the columns of my subitems appear (it almost seems as though I don’t have anything on the subitems).
However once you make a custom automation like: “When subitem x changes notify x” you can then edit the automation and now when you click the subitem x, all of the columns will be available to change.

At least, thats how I have gone around it that way so far.

Hope this helps!

Oh interesting! Thanks for that info. Much appreciated!