Don't see summary columns in automation

I have few summary (Show Summary on Parent Item) columns to our board. These are people columns basically. How can I use them in Automations? I want to notify the team but I don’t see those column options when I create a new automation.

Hi @ameya.athalye ,

When you are creating an automation do you see the people column highlighted in the image below, or are you not seeing the specific column once you push the People (column)?

hi @ameya.athalye

The column added to the parent item when you select “Show Summary on Parent Item” is a special kind of mirror column. As such it’s column type is “mirror” and automations expecting a “people” column will not be able to use this summary column. There is an app called RollUp Subitems that rolls up information from subitems into real parent item columns (in this case a normal people column).

I don’t see those columns in the people (column) section. Looks like these “view summary on parent” type columns are only for view purpose.

Hi @basdebruin,

Thank you, I’ll check it out. Is there any way using formula column you can copy the contents from a sub item into parent item? Maybe that’s the way.

hi @ameya.athalye

I don’t think you can do that with a formula. On top of that the outcome of a formula column also can’t be used in other automations.

that’s a bummer.

What I ended up doing is I added item card to the conversation panel and had show summary on parent column added to the parent row. It only shows the children but at least that’s something.