Subitem assignees added to parent assignees

Hello, we work as a team on projects and are heavily using subitems for assigning each step of the responsibilities to a team member for a given project.

Parent Line - Digital & Traditional Campaign

  • Subitem 1 - Coordination Manager, Client contact
  • Subitem 2 - Copywriter, Draft theme ideas
  • Subitem 3 - Designer, generate image

I’d like an overview of the entire team assigned on the project on the parent line in “assignees”. I want this to be generated by having an automation where the assignees on the parent line pull up from the subitem lines. Currently we’re having to assign each individual in the sub items and then assign in the parent line.

Has anyone else ran into needing this or found a workaround?

Hi @Abrandt

Welcome to the community! The standard approach would be to have the subitem people column summarized in the parent item. See the settings in the subitem people column "Show summary on parent item’. The parent item will get a new column (special type of mirror column) which shows all people assigned to the subitems. The disadvantage is that this is a mirror column and because of that you can’t run automations on that.

We are crating an app that rolls up subitem data to parent items (including the people column). It can take up to a few seconds but the advantage is that the people column in the parent item is just a normal monday column (not a mirror).

These are the integration recipes of that app.

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Thank you! I’ve been trying to figure a rollup from subtasks status column where once they’re all “done” will update the parent status to “done” since we currently have an automation to move “Done” parent status to a “Done” Group. Happy to see this and used your tip in the meantime with mirror. Appreciate the help and information! I can’t wait for rollups!

Hi @Abrandt
The app described above can do that as you can create a “RAG” status in the parent item that will turn green only if 100% of the subitems statuses are green.

We are now implementing filtering for this app and expect to release it in Beta somewhere next week.