When People column of Main item is assigned, assign people column of all sub items

We have boards that have to people columns, the person requesting the project and the person who pulls the project. Requestors create the project on the board and when it’s ready to be reviewed, it goes into the “Ready to Review” group via an automation. There are multiple people that could take the project who then assign themselves via the main item, when the main item is assigned we would like all subitems to automatically be assigned to the same person.

Hi @chameleonseifu - you can use the Autoboost app to accomplish this:


Hope this helps!

Hi @chameleonseifu!

This is also a very interesting use case, I was able to accomplish this using a Make scenario.

In the video below, I have split the screen with Monday (left) and Make (right).

The video is recorded without any cuts, and you can see how this works. When the people column is updated it updates all sub-items. This can support one or multiple people.

Happy to help you build this with make if desired!

Hey Joy,

We developed an app that solves this exact pain point of subitems inherting column value from parent. So you can automatically assign sub item’s people column based on its parent item.

On creation - Populate item’s data into its subitems in a seamless way

When column is assigned - Being able to set dependency between a subitem to an item

It’s brand new (released last week) and we’re going to keep on adding new capabilities.

You can check it out here - https://monday.com/marketplace/10000287

Hope that helps!