Subitems, Populating People from item

Hi, I using the subitems system I found need to populate people column from item:

  1. When assign people item, populate it for all their subitems.
  2. When creating subitem, auto filled according assigner of related item.
  1. Populate subitem people column from Dropdown column.

Hi @Kmk - at this time this is not possible in stock monday however there are a couple of apps out there that can fill the gap and set subitem columns based on thier parent values.

Check out Autoboost. It does have a free plan offering depending on your usage.


Hope this helps!

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@mark.anley thanks for your tips, but it seem not work as you described, after it is installed, I set populate people column of item to people column of subitem when that subitem is created. It just nothing happened.

Hi @Kmk - that seems odd… Here is the email for the developer: You should send them off an email so they can investigate.