Populating Sub-Item Information

I am looking for some guidance please.
Our company is a new user of Monday and initially we are using it as a CRM.
I am trying to keep it as simple as possible and so far we have two boards - the first board has three tables being

  1. Suspects (those we are talking to)
  2. Prospects (those we have quoted)
  3. Lost (those who don’t understand value and quality)
    Those who do like our quote and become clients are moved to the Projects Board which has two tables:
  4. Live Projects
  5. Completed Projects.
    Our business is construction materials supply and our build system has only 14 Components. Rather than have a high level board and a linked low level board I thought that I might keep it simple by creating a sub-item column in the high level board, in which we could have the components as columns and the phases as rows. This seems like an ideal way to manage our stock requirements for each project completely in the high-level view.
    We complete all our quoting and material calculations within Excel and each project has a new multi-page Excel file.
    I would ideally like to import the quantities and phases into the sub-items for that client, and would like to automate it. I know that “Sub-item” is new and still in development and I am struggling to understand how I might bring this information into the sub-items apart from copying it manually. An automation seems to be out of the question yet and when I imported the Excel file into the item to import the data, both the Subitem and File Columns were “greyed out”.
    Any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.
    Alan Wheeler

Hey @AlanW, welcome to the community! Thanks for explaining a bit about your use case .

At the moment it’s not possible to import to subitems, unfortunately. Is there any way you could import directly to parent items instead? I’m wondering if you could have a board per client so that all of the units there would be items that you could import to.

I would recommend writing to us at support@monday.com so we can talk through your workflow a bit more and you can get a quicker response :slight_smile: