Upload subitems with Excel


Is it possible to add the following feature: Upload subitems through an Excel import? I have hundreds and possible thousands subitems that need to be added to different boards. The sub-item column headings are different to those column headings at the parent item level. This would be super beneficial and would save time in having to manually add these subitems or having to upload as parent items and then converting to subitems of respective items.

Hello @michelle.casanova , I also have the same request for Monday team. Personally I would like to have this features in order to assign different orderes to several people of my working team. We are dedicated to transport and we need status tracking (items in the board), but also need the information from different orders assigned to any of our drivers (subitems): weight, pieces, etc.

Hello @michelle.casanova, @Rodrigo2022
We are releasing an app soon which will allow you to copy and paste values right into your subitem columns.
If you would like to be notified when the app comes out, you can join the waitlist here.

Here is a demo of the app in action

Hello Kolaai,

Thanks a lot, looks helpful! The only thing is that I didn’t see the direct import from excel to subitems and then the assignation to the items. Would this be possible with this new app?

The thing is that as of now we are importing 200+ items a day from excel which has been very helpful but now we want to convert this items into subitems in order to assign to a new category of item which will be related to driver assigned and status of the shipment.

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In the app, you can select the Subitem board and select exactly which item to start with.
Subitem boards are named after the main board, for example if the main board is “Board 1”, the subitem board will be called “Subitems of Board 1”

If you need any help with the app, you can always write to support@kolaai.com :slight_smile:

+1 here!! Its quite a long and manual process to upload subitems as items and move them around to be subitems. Would love to upload right as a subitem please and thank you! Would save us HOURS

+1…this definitely needs addressing. Right now subitem entry is very manual entry intensive. Need to streamline or put us on to a thirdparty tool to streamline subitem creation. Thanks