Upload Excel data into board subitems columns

Hi everyone!
I have given it some thought, and it may not be feasible, given that subitems are a table (child) within a parent table, but…

Is there a way to upload data from Excel to the board subitems if I already have the structure ready?

I have created a board for Construction Project Management, and instead of creating a bunch of statuses and dates columns horizontally, I used subitems to represent the stages each project will go through, vertically (it’s way easier to read). All projects will have the same set of stages (already automated). I can import the project data directly from the board, but I’m unable to feed information to the subitems, and this where I keep all the dates, forecasts, etc.



Hi, @nguz - I don’t think that’s feasible yet, although someone may have figured out a way to do it with Integromat or a custom app. I checked the Excel app in the Marketplace but it only supports Items, not SubItems.

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Thanks @PolishedGeek !

Do you know if there’s an open thread for this feature (or similar)? It would be awesome to have this as a built-in feature.