Mass Updates using Export/Import Excel

Several similar questions have been asked, but I’m curious about the import/export functionality using Excel.

I’m working with a board with multiple groups and items with multiple subitems each. It appears that using the Excel import functions, I can’t import or update subitems and upon importing data I still need to manually designate groups by moving items. Is there a work around for either of these problems?

Ideally my client could download the board, update items and subitems in Excel and then reupload the file and maintain the same structure & organization already built out on without manually moving items or recreating subitems.

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I’m afraid the import feature doesn’t currently support importing into subitems.
You can only import into the main level items. That said, you can import items as main level items and then convert them to subitems after the import, although this would not overwrite the existing subitems already on the board.

In terms of re-ordering the items, changing this in the Excel import will not re-order the items in the monday board.
You would need to continue manually re-ordering them after the import as you’re currently doing.
That said, if you have a specific logic to the way you’d like the groups to be ordered, you could sort the board after you import the new data.

You can either use the sort function at the top of the board, and create specific rules, or you can activate an Alpha feature that allows you to organise the items on your board into groups according to a specific column on the board.

You can try this out by selecting the initials / profile picture in the bottom left hand corner and then selecting ‘monday.labs’ from the menu that appears.
Once the menu is open, you can find the feature below and activate it.
Please note, we recommend also activating the New board experience feature alongside this, for the best experience.

You can simply click the blue ‘Activate’ button to try this feature out.

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :smile:



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