Email automations not pulling info from subitems?

When setting up an automation that will email (outlook) someone when something happens on a given item, it will let me add the data from each column of the item itself so I can format the email for example “Hey (people column), (pulse name) now has an end date of (date column) and a status of (status column) and an additiontial status of (status column)” with each column in parenthesis being a column of the main item. However, I do not see where you can input information from the subitem columns of a given item.

You can do the automation of “when all subitems of an item have the status of ____ notify someone” and that will let you select information to fill into the notification from subitem columns, but that is a monday notification and not an email, as well as needing to be triggered off of status changes specifically.

Is there any way I can have Monday send an email to someone where it just contains all the information on the given item, subitems included? I would prefer if it was through a button column instead of being triggered off a column change.

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