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Wondering if anyone has a workaround for sending an email from a status change with the email populated via sub item columns including the file column?

Use case example:

Parent item is the project
Sub items hold the proposal title and columns hold the proposal’s respective costs, client details as well as a file column with the actual proposal PDF
Status change on the sub item send an email with fields populated from sub item columns. (would be nice if it could also populate from parent item columns but ill be stoked with just sub items for now)

Currently we use the Gmail automation to send emails via parent items on another board and love it, but would save a lot of missed emails if we couuld do this

Hi @Davedvine :wave:

At this time, subitems are still not supported in Integrations, including the Gmail Integration . You will need to have this information already present in the parent item instead if you want it to send via a Gmail Integration.

However, while not automated, you can try this with the Emails & Activities app, which does support subitems and autopopulation fields:

Currently, our subitems are still in Beta which is why some core functionalities are still missing. Our developers are working hard on adding and enabling upcoming features as soon as possible, but to be fully transparent they will be coming in increments as we want to ensure that each functionality is released with the best quality possible.

As always, you can keep up with the roadmap for subitems here - however, please note that while this information is shared to outline some of our plans, these plans are subject to change.

I hope this helps!


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