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I want to make a custom Gmail integration that watches when an email is sent to someone on my board, and updates the date column (last contacted). Is this possible?

I’ve gone through the tutorial and I pretty much have no clue how to do that. Any help would be appreciated!

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Hey @alaashamandy :wave:

That’s a great use case! In general, you would definitely need to have a server running on your side that would be pinged when an email is received in the Gmail inbox. You could set up Push Notifications and watch the Gmail Inbox by using Gmail API, and Google does provide an outline on how this can be configured:

Once that email is received, I would suggest taking the Sender of the email, and then to use the “items_by_column_values” query to match the sender with an item within that board.

Then, you’ll be able to get the IDs of any items that match the Sender email, you would need to run a change_column_values mutation, where you can send a JSON object with something like the below:

{“date”: "YYYY-MM-DD, “time”: “HH:MM:SS”}

I would also suggest taking a look at the Custom Triggers guide, which could be helpful to connect the dots here in an integration recipe:

I would also suggest considering tools like integromat or Zapier which can make the setup process a little less technically demanding. :slight_smile:

Similar functionality could be achieved by using the CommuniHub app, developed by as well. You could use the following integration recipe:

Then, you could use an automation recipe to set the Last Contacted date automatically:

To summarise, I see 3 possible ways to achieve this:

  • Set up an Integration service, connecting Gmail and together and running this on your end;
  • Set up an integration with Integromat or Zapier, which can be simpler than the above, but might come at an additional cost;
  • Use the CommuniHub app and avoid spending time on setup or any extra costs coming from 3rd-party services.

I hope this helps as a general starting point of how this could be set up, though! :star:


@AlexSavchuk Thank you so much for your reply! very helpful!

It seems like the third way is the fastest & easiest, however I am trying to trigger when an email is sent not received from someone. Would I find any current communihub apps that do that ?

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Yay, I’m glad you’ve found this helpful :slight_smile: I’m afraid that at the time, it is not possible to change a Date column based on an email being sent manually. That said, as part of the email integrations, you could send templated emails using the following integration recipe:

You could then tie this Status label to an automation recipe to change the Last Contacted date. What do you think - would that be helpful?

Otherwise, I do recommend exploring options 1 and 2 mentioned earlier, as those would offer more in-depth customisation.


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