Custom Integration for instant freight quote

Hello: We’re new to Monday, but love it so far. We currently use Monday manage orders that come through our system to get a better view of where they stand throughout their life cycle. So far so good, but I’m looking to add more functionality to it.

Desired Integration. We’d like to add two new columns: a button (Get Quote) and a number column (Quoted Price). When user presses the “Get Quote” Button, the integration would reference previously entered values in other columns (weight, ship from zip code, ship to zip code, etc) and sends them to our Freight Carrier who has API connectivity for such a request. Our freight carrier would then respond with a Quoted Price via their API and the monday “Quoted Price” column now that result.

Can someone help me with this?


If your freight company has an web accessible API you can use to build a low-code integration (cheaper and quicker than having custom API development done) We could help you out with building the scenario in Flowize for free (you will have to pay for the system) since our Business Automation Expert need real cases for training.

Send me a DM or reach out to if you want to know more!

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Hi @rescobar,

If an API is present we can certainly assist you building something. When it comes to finance related APIs we have quite some experience - e.g. our Xero integration.

There might also be a way around an API overall depending on your and the carriers workflow flexibility. Drop me an email to get in touch and I can run you through an alternative scenario.

Hi Rico,
If you are still looking out for some help, I would be happy to help as this is well within my area of expertise.
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I can assist ypu with your requirement for Custom Integration for instant freight quote.

Please add me on skype or reach me via mail so that we can have a detailed discussion.

Mail: henry(at)cisinlabs(dot)com

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I think you need to re-check your message and adress the correct requestor.

I don’t follow. Can you explain what your saying?

Hi @rescobar - Welcome to the community! My company Polished Geek has a background in building custom integrations for eCommerce applications and websites, including third party shipping and payment integrations similar to what you need. We are a monday․com partner and would love to help you build a custom freight quote solution for monday․com. If you are still looking for the right partner to assist with this project, please set up a meeting here and let’s chat: Book Polished Geek: more with

@rescobar I was commenting on @henryyy message above. He mentioned me when you are the one asking the question.

So sorry for the misunderstanding @Thomas-Omnitas

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