Custom recurring integratino (automation) does not work

Hi Everybody,

I face with an issue and I do not know what to do. I developed a custom integration and it seems it does not work. I made a custom automation which able to track some time to an issue on each day (or another period). I set it to 9.00 CEST to fire but it did not do that. I attached some screenshots about it.


What did I miss?

Thank you,

Hi @Domestosi, Alex,

Not sure, but from your second screenshot (where it shows the RUN URL) it looks like you are using one of the examples from an earlier webcast. What does your background app (the one mentioned in the RUN URL) do and how do you run this background app?

Hi @basdebruin,

Maybe your are right. I do not know the steps what to do in order to realize our business needs properly. I have no app in the background currently. I just want to have an automation as you can see on the first image that starts.

Is that possible without application? If not, what kind of application do I need?

Hi @Domestosi, Alex

I was afraid so :slight_smile:. What you have build in monday developer environment is the front end of the solution (where user can create recipe etc) but this front-end does not do anything else then triggering the backend app (called by RUN URL). The back-end needs to do the actual work by making call to the monday API (or other API’s in case you integrate with other packages). You also need to do some token management / authorization in the backend.

In your case (as I understand) you want to trigger something on a given time period. I am building likewise automations (not available in standard and sell them in our webshop for a very modest price. If you can tell me what you expect to happen on that given time period I am happy to investigate if this is a solution which we want to build and put in our webshop.

Hi! @basdebruin,

Thanks for your answer! :slight_smile: am going to check the possibilities on this. I will come back to you, if I cannot resolve it.