Customer Board that has mailing address - is that so hard to ask for?

I just want to create a board that has my contacts with the company they work for with the address fields - address, city, province, postal code - is that so hard to ask for?! I’ve been watching video after video and I can’t find anything like that. To me that’s integral to using a CRM- to be able to mail them invoices, or regular mail, address statement of works…

I am looking for this too. I would love to use the location field but then be able to export that with the correct data. For instance, to do a mail merge (and build labels) from an Excel spreadsheet I need Address 1, Address 2, City, State, and Zip. When I use the location field and export the data Excel shows it as one field and does not include the zip code.
Any other workarounds aside from separate “text” fields for each column?