CRM account, location, contact structure

We’re trying to use Monday for CRM…we have a structure like this:

Account (Group)
–>Location (Item)
–>Contacts (Subitem)

Company ABC (Group)
–>123 Main St (Item)
–>Joe Smith (Subitem)
–>Jane Williams (Subitem)
–>456 Court St (Item)
–>Dave Doe (Subitem)

My struggle is this…in using email integration, I don’t see that there is a way to receive emails from email addresses in subitem level in the subitem update. I can go in and put each subitem contact email address in at the item level (so the emails show up in the item level updates), but then I don’t have a way to track emails for each contact without scrolling through all item level updates.

Does this make sense? Is there a way I should better structure my board??