Import Contacts (company) with subitems (people)

Use Case: Initially, I imported my contacts (items) as individual people, so there are multiple items for one company. However, I need multiple people connected/linked to the company they all belong to. (Some of our clients have multiple contacts within their organization. We view “clients” at a company level, not individual - they are ‘contacts’ at the company.)

The initial importing process alone took a lot of time and manual entry regardless of mass excel importing.

What are the best practices to group contacts to one company without having to redo everything I’ve done. Also, considering how I can’t move’ ‘items’ to ‘subitems’. I’ve tried tagging, drop downs, etc. but all do not seem feasible or ‘best practices’ moving forward.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated!

@alexiskeller Welcome to the Monday Community!

Off the top of my head, I can think of a few ways to either “mass” shift items from parent to subitems or a restructuring via a combination of other Monday features. BUT a few questions first:

  1. How many Clients and how many Companies are we talking about?
  2. What kind of information are you dealing with? Just the Client name or additional columns like phone, email etc?

Let me know and I might be able to offer some additional help.

We have this issue too. We have over 700 companies that we have worked with in the past and thousands of people that we’ve added, with multiple contacts at each company. We would like a way to group our contacts as sub items by Company rather than individual line items.

We could also link other tasks, attachments, docs, and projects in our other boards to that one Company name.