Location Import and Sorting

For marketing Monday as a CRM we really need some better Location features. Specifically a way to import our Customer List with the location data, right now we can’t import the column nor change the column type so we have to go through one by one copy and pasting it from a text column to a location column. The other big feature missing is being able to filter and sort by locations such as State or Zip Code Radius. I’m currently working around this by going through and adding a second column to put the State into.

Hi @BAi_Ryan !

We’ve recently solved similar issue for a client that might help you automate mapping an address to a state or some preconfigured region. The downside that you will need an account in our A.I. platform.

The way it works is that you can setup regions, create a new Location analysis model in our platform, and use a recipe to output a region/state/zip name to a text field based on the address in Location column automatically.

Here is the video of how it works:

We can have some ready made regions (US states) and we can share a model with you. This way you will avoid the necessity to setup them yourself.

Anyway, ping me in DM if you are interested.