Include zip code in location column + support LC filtering

It would also be AMAZING if the Location column would automatically include zip code. I need to know mailing addresses, and zip codes are a must. If monday could detect and include that in the location, I will be SO happy. Right now I have to have a whole other column for zip code, which is silly and takes up space.

Also, I often need to search my contact list to filter by city or state. It would be really helpful if I could filter by location, or at least if I typed “New York” into the search bar, it would bring up all the contacts geotagged in New York State. As is, they don’t appear in the list because the address only has “NY” in it.

Agreed! Zip code is a must for mailing/shipping. It should be a simple feat to add that into the column.


We would love to see ZIP CODE included in suggested address results, too!

Right now, all suggested addresses end with “City, State, USA”.

A next level feature would be allowing the user to adjust the format of the suggested addresses in a “Column setting” menu.

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This would greatly help us to have the zipcode included in the location columns. Would also be nice to have a US state field if applicable. Will this ever be added? Would be great to have an official response about this.


Strange that this basic function isn’t included??


We created a new client intake form and use the address column so they can enter and select a verified address. However, the zip code does not populate on the selection and doesn’t carry over to the board once their form has been submitted. It would be nice to have the zip code automatically populate when entering the address.


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When can we expect to see the zip code in the location column?

I need the zipcode! I shouldn’t have to go to Google to find the zipcode when Monday is already validating addresses. Please add the zipcode.

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Has there been any update regarding the zip code? It would be really helpful if we had a zip code column.

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Still a challenge. Had to use a separate numbers column and google to fill in the zip code for address - definitely not ideal

we just published an integration on the marketplace that addresses this (it allows you to automatically rewrite monday locations to contain the zip code) and are planning to extend the scope as we learn more about your use cases. if you would like to give it a try: it’s called Location Plus

It is a pitty that this integration only supports US postal codes. I am looking for European (german, dutch, UK, France etc postal codes)

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@Briana Is there any ETA on extending the location column to support postal/zip codes?
I need this badly.

we’d be happy to look into making that happen. there’s some complexity associated with automatic address enrichment globally (address formats can be different based on the country) which is why we focused on the US initially (and would gradually roll out new countries), but ultimately we’re building based on customer requirements

I have good news, we’ve just launched Location Toolkit as an app in the monday marketplace. We allow you to extract information from the Location column such as street, city, country as well as a postal code which we retrieve from Google Maps based on the location you’ve picked in the Location Column.

The app includes an integration which allows to extract the zip code from the Location column on a button click or whenever a specific column (for example the location column itself) changes.

Any feedback is much appreciated, feel free to get in touch!

Kind of crazy to think that we’d have to pay extra to have zip code in addresses. Not like the zip code hasn’t been part of everyone’s address for 60 years.

I don’t think address lookup and validation is nearly as simple as you assume it is.

Hi Matt,

I understand your frustration regarding the fact that you need an app to be able to extract a zip code. This is entirely up to to implement and they have lots of features on their backlog/roadmap.

In the meantime we’ve spent time to build an app on top of to close this gap. Our time is one of the reasons why this app is not free but there’s off course also a running cost to keep the app available as well as a cost to use the Google Maps API to retrieve the correct zip code for each of the locations.

If our app can save you 1 hour every month by automatically extracting things like the zip code from your location columns and thus save you 1 hour of your valuable time, I think it could be worth it.

And off course, the app does more then just extracting a zip code :slight_smile: And we keep adding new features every few weeks!