Customize Open Item Button in Notifications to Direct Users to Custom Views Instead of Main Table

Right now, the “Open Item” button in email notifications directs users to the Main Table view. We really don’t want users to interact with this view at all.

It would be great if we could select a custom view to direct users to when they click “Open Item” in email notifications. One custom view for all notifications would be great, but dynamically selecting a view on a per-notification basis would be even better.

At the very least, I think it should direct users to whichever view is set as the default within a board.

This has been a long time frustration for me too, even it if just opened to a default view (if the board has one) that would be a major help.


This is very problematic. PLEASE fix this. We have LOTS of information in our main view and while we have created more user friendly, default views, all notifications take people to the main view. Please please fix this as people have been talking about it in multiple threads for years.

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