Customize the image that appears when you share a WorkForm link via text message.

No I’m looking to customize the image that pops up when I share a workform via text over imessage to clients.

Solution: Provide a built-in way to customize the image that appears when you share a WorkForm link via text message.

Text message previews generally rely on metadata embedded within the webpage itself. Here’s what this means and some workarounds:

Why It Doesn’t Work

  • Metadata: Websites can use things like Open Graph tags (part of their HTML code) to define what image and text should show in previews across social media and sometimes text messages.
  • Limitation: It seems doesn’t dynamically insert the right metadata into the individual WorkForm link you share.

Workarounds (Not Ideal, but Possible)

  1. Create a Landing Page: Build a very simple webpage that has the image and brief description of your WorkForm. Use Open Graph tags to control how it previews. Then, instead of sharing the WorkForm link directly, share the link to this landing page.
  2. Image Editing Trick: This is more of a hack, but some messaging apps might work with this:
    • Take a screenshot that includes both your desired preview image and the top part of your WorkForm.
    • Attach this combined image to your text message along with a brief instruction to access the form below the image.

Request the Feature

  • Community: Suggest this feature in their community forums ( If enough people want it, they might implement it.
  • Support: Contact support directly. While they might not be able to fix it immediately, they can log your feature request.