Dashboard not displaying "Linked Column"

Hi Everyone,

I’m having an issue with trying to get one column to display when I am creating a dashboard.

So what I would like to do in the dashboard is as follows:

  1. Have one column for the approved budget for a project
  2. Have one column that is linked to the subitems so that it tallys all the costs associated in a specific column within the sub items.
  3. I want to create a dashboard that will display each of these columns.

For some reason, the dashboard will not display the data from the “Costs” column even when I select it under filters. It will only display the Approved budget of 550,000 column.


Hey @STX!

If possible, can you please share the following screenshots?

  • How your filters are currently set up.
  • How your Numbers widget settings are configured.

I can then recreate this on my end and see what might be happening! Thanks :slight_smile: