Dashboard Shows "Without A Date"

I created a dashboard for a workspace in Monday.com. I want to see all due dates broken down according to the week, upcoming, etc so I used the “My Week” widget which seems like exactly what I want. In the workspace that is tied to the dashboard, I have groups, tasks, and sub-task items. I used the Date+Status widget in the workspace to set up all of my project due dates.

The issue I am running into is this - in the dashboard, for the current week and upcoming week all tasks and sub-tasks are showing up just fine. However, there is an extensive amount of sub-tasks which appear in the column marked “Without A Date”. When I click on the task in the dashboard, the overview dialogue box shows that there is in fact a date. This is further confirmed when looking at the workspace - all sub-tasks have been set to a due date. I initially thought it was the widget being set-up incorrectly, but in a group some of the sub-items are showing with a date in the dashboard for any that are assigned for completion today and next week, yet there are others in that same list of sub-items which also have a date listed that are showing on the dashboard as “Without A Date.” If I had set it up wrong, I would assume none of the sub-items and dates would show in the widget, so I’m completely confused and not sure how to fix it?

Has anyone seen this before/know how to fix it?