Add due dates to calendar only grabbing certain subitems

Hey everyone, I work for an architecture firm and I am trying to get our most important due dates onto one calendar. What is the best was to do this so the dates are visible within each project as well as on the calendar? (not just the calendar) As you can see, there are many items with dates that we don’t want on the calendar, only the biggest project deadlines. Is there a way we can filter the items and only include those dates? Bonus would be if we could color code dates per board. Commercial projects could be blue, medical red, residential green etc. Grateful for your help.

Hey there! :wave:

Are you using a Dashboard Calendar Widget or a Calendar View in your board? Or are you referring to a Google or Outlook calendar?

If you’re using a Calendar Widget, you will see the dates automatically color-coded by board! :tada:

Instead of trying to only show a few dates from the same date column, you’ll want to add a new date column and only enter dates into that column that are the bigger deadlines.

Then, you’ll select this new date column in your Calendar View or Dashboard’s Calendar Widget, and deselect any other date columns showing up, and you will only see those most important dates.

What do you think of this idea? :blush:

Thanks Charlotte,

The calendar widget sounds like exactly what I want. Do you know if it can filter by columns that I have added to a sub-list? I don’t see a way but I could very well be missing something. Or do I need to add a column to the main list for every milestone entry?

Attached is a photo illustrating what I’m trying to do. Thank you so much for your help.