How to Visualize Subitem Due Dates Across Multiple Boards

I need a way to build a report/dashboard that lists subitems based on their due date. I’m a Marketing Project Manager and in my weekly meetings with the creative teams, I need a way to highlight which subitems are due in the next week for all client boards.

I’ve found the calendar widget limiting, as I have to click the “+” option for each day to show what all is due. Visually, this does nothing for me when there are 50+ subitems due on one day.

Hey @ijh! Firstly, sorry to hear the calendar widget is proving limiting. Definitely happy to share this feedback internally :pray: In terms of an alternative, can I ask if the table widget would work better for you? You can set up/filter the widget to display subitems only for that specific time period.

You could have multiple boards in the one widget, or have a widget specific to each board (which might be a little clearer to visualise).

Let me know your thoughts!