Data storage on item

I have been developing an app that needs to store very long strings of data.

I have implemented this by using the storage option offered in the monday sdk however, I have discovered that this data is stored in the board, not in the item. This is causing issues when moving items between boards, as when the item is moved, the data doesn’t come along with it.

Is there currently anyway to store data in an item rather than the board? Or would I need to use a 3rd-party database in this circumstance? I thought about using a long text column for storage but the 2000 character limit would be an issue.


If a text column is a viable option, try a simple text column. Despite the naming, the character limit on the normal text column is MUCH, MUCH, Way MUCH (at least 500 times) greater than the long text column.

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I’ll give this a try, seems like it could work. Thank you very much!