increased limit on long text

to remove the character limit on long text

Hi, I’m new to Monday, and love it after giving up on trying to customise Zoho. But I’m shocked today to find there is a 2,000 character limit on ‘Long Text’ columns. Nightmare.
Like a lot of NFPs I need to record Case Notes. We are a remote financial counselling agency working in Outback Western Australia with Aboriginal people living below the poverty line. We need to write up every consultation we have with our many clients.
Monday Support said we should just keep adding more Long Text columns - but that is a very, very clunky solution for a very elegant CRM. Does anyone have any other ideas please?
Could the tech people at Monday at least raise the limit to 20,000 characters please, and make the text box pop out to be a page wide while typing?
There must be millions of businesses that need to write up Case Notes: doctors, vets, dentists, physios, psychs, all allied health professionals, lawyers, accountants and many more.
Cheers, Alan.

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hi @wombat-hugger

Welcome to the community. I think most people are using item updates to record this kind of lengthy information. The good thing is that you can even drop documents on the item update (maybe some underlying proof). Just click the name column (outside the name itself) and the update area pops up.

That’s brilliant!!
Thank you so much Bas - you’ve totally restored my gushing faith in Monday.
This tip is vastly better than anything I’ve been trying to do - I will let the support people know too, as they hadn’t thought of this solution.
Your tip will also allow me to reduce the number of columns I need.
I appreciate the kind and friendly way you explained it to a newbie.
Thank you so much!


I’m glad that the solution Bas recommended will work for you!

For others that might be interested, two other options one might consider:

  1. monday workdocs: (this is my favorite)
  2. Contrary to the naming, the character limit for the normal text column is actually MUCH greater that the long text column. I don’t know what the actual limit is. But, I’ve successfully tested to over 1,000,000 characters.

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Hi Jim,
This is also very very useful, and thanks for taking the time to teach me this feature - awesome.
Loving this community.

Hi @wombat-hugger Wombat Hugger
Im wondering if you managed to keep the item update tab confidential? Im the only clinician in my organisation have to write confidential notes. But the rest of the team use the board for other reasons. It not necessary for marketing to see the clinical notes. Have you solved this?
Im also in WA - Mesothelioma support coordinator in Perth for a small NFP. - Reflections.

hi @JCorrell
Jim, Ive reviewed your suggestion to wombat hugger about using workdays for client information progress notes. Im in a similiar situation, where as the only clinician on the team need to keep confidential and comprehensive notes not able to be viewed by say, marketing.

Ive tried adding workdocs to the files section and then writing up my progress notes on a particular client within my client board. However what seems to happen is that workdoc (with client info) then also appear in other clients notes sections. ANy idea what Im doing wrong?

Hmm - that’s such a good question. But I’m the only counsellor in my agency here in Broome, so I haven’t thought of searching for a way to do this, sorry.

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I will look into this more tomorrow. But, worst case, you could probably set up a connected board, that only you have access to, that has a file column that is mirrored and you can put your workdocs there. Anyone who that does not have access to the connected board should not even see the column, let alone any of the workdocs or any of the data therein.

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Can you type your notes into a Google Doc then attach it to an item in by sharing its URL into a specific field? The sharing permissions on the Doc would control who sees it.


We also would like to be able to write more than 2000 characters within the “Long text” column. What´s the status of this request? Will it be considered for future development?

Kind regards,

Horrible limit on a “long” text field. I imported thousands of items before realizing they were getting truncated without any warning. Now my data is a mess


Yes I would love to see a longer long text. I use the column in form making and we ask responders for responses up to 3500 words. We were using Google forms which didn’t have such a small limit. I have to do it as a file upload now to accommodate the word count and this looks and feels clunky. Not ideal.

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@JCorrell Thank you for sharing your suggestions. The normal text column workaround is great for now, as long as the Monday tech team doesn’t make adjustments to the limit on that column type.

We need to be able to search items and subitems on our board and using workdocs is not a viable option based on the types of searches we need.
Ideally, the Long Text column could be updated to include more than 2000 characters.

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