Format longtext column

Hi Everyone, Is anyone here know how to format the Long text column on through integration, that instead will create a paragraph, we would like to make a separate line item.

Example: Instead of (how to format long text column on

I want to be like the below: It is making more sense, and useful if you referring to a long text as task description.

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Hey @V-Marie,

My warmest welcome to the community :slight_smile: I hope you enjoy your stay!

At the time, our Long Text column doesn’t currently support any formatting options at all, I’m afraid, and this is true for both API values and adding text to the column manually. That said, I do think it’s a great idea and I’ve moved the question to the Feature Suggestions section so that our product team will be able to consider this update moving forward.

Thanks so much for reaching out and connecting with us :slight_smile: