Long text highlighter

As there is currently no formatting available for the Long text column , I am looking for a third party highlighter which would work. I just need to be able to highlight or bold certain words in the column
Thank you

Hello, I think using update section or autogenerated monday doc could work better for highlighting purposes. (you can automatically extract update section to long text column as well if that’s required).

Hi Petra,

Thanks for your question! I thought of the conditional formatting when you described your use case. Maybe this can fit your needs:

The only formatting options are to highlight the entire row or entire cell that contains the certain words, rather than accentuating the actual word like your request.

It sure would be great to have a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) formatter appear when you’re editing a long text column so that you can make the text easier to read and more quickly analyzed by the user. I just voted on this feature request post and recommend you do so, too!

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