Limit number of characters in a text field

We use docugen quite a lot, however have discovered some use cases where we would like to limit the characters per entry based upon the amount of space available in the fixed format document we are pushing the text into.

Hey Andrea,

To clarify, are you interested in setting a character limit in our native text column? Or is this a limitation you’re finding in docugen app itself?

yes, i am interested in being able to set a character limit in the native short text column in so when integrated with docugen it will keep the formatting and not go over on space available.

Thanks for clarifying Andrea!

At this time, only the long text column has a character limit of 2000 characters, that said, it’s not possible to customise the limit on either the text or long text column - I apologise for the inconvenience here :pray:

I encourage you to submit this as a feature request so more of our community can vote to get this developed :slight_smile:

Are you open to a third-party automation (marketplace app) that checks the column length, and if its too long, sets a status, automatically truncates it, or sends the user a notification (or combination of the above)?

Hi Cody, only if it is not a paid third party add-on, trying to not use those as much.

thank you for your explanation

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