Limiting input on a form a maximum and/or minimum number of digits or characters

I want people to input a number on a form, and I want to be sure they input a specific number of digits, no more and no less. In other cases people might want to limit only the maximum amount of digits, or only the minimum, or use this feature for characters instead of numbers

Please can you consider adding a character count. We have one-liners that are added to back of packaging that need to be max 116 characters and it would be so helpful to be able to have a feature to type directly into a column and for to count the characters or highlight the column if you go over the limit.


Your suggestion would be cool.

I had a similar need recently with the item name. I created a formula to help:

IF(LEN({Name}) > 50, "🟥" & LEN({Name}), LEN({Name}))

You could also add conditional coloring if you wanted:

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Thanks @JCorrell will give this a go as a stop gap!

I would like to have the ability to limit the number of characters available for use in the Text/Short Text column (not the Long Text Column). As we are using the DocuGen integration and if they use more characters than the space on the document allows the text goes on top of text in the document, and is not professional looking.
This applies to the text/short text column within monday and not within an integration.
thank you


Workforms in the is a powerful tool that replaces my company’s previous dependency with a tacky Google Sheet integration. It allows us to receive user inputs(data) directly from the customers which serve as a great source of raw data. These raw data are then later used to generate things that add values to our customers, such as automated PDF reports.

Current Limitations

Since there is no customizable character limit to both short-text or long-text in the WorkForms, I cannot restrict customers from writing too much or too little in both short-text or long-text element. The varying length of customers’ inputs currently
hinders our automation process which require a certain generalization and imposing of restrictions to the customer side.

Feature Request

Therefore, I suggest the following feature requests:

  1. Lower character limit for both short-text and long-text element in WorkForms. (i.e. a user must write at least 200 characters in order to submit the form)
  2. Higher character limit for both short-text and long-text element in WorkForms. (i.e. a user cannot exceed 500 characters)

Thank you.

Our team utilizes multiple forms to capture data from clients, event attendees, and collaborators. For certain questions, enforcing a specific character limit would significantly improve data consistency and accuracy within our workflows. Currently, while we can include character count descriptions within the question itself, relying on users to manually track characters can be cumbersome and prone to error.

Please enable a feature to control the count of character allowed on a text column and therefore, on a form question.