Add max limit to the number column's sum

Hi everyone! Is there any way to add a max limit of points at the bottom of this column to the “sum” cell? The idea is I have 40 points in total per week, and need to make sure we don’t exceed when assigning points to projects. Thanks!


Hi Victor,

You’ll find there isn’t much data validation in natively.

Additionally, that summary is really just a summary. It isn’t usable data and the potential to interact with it is limited.

For this kind of functionality, I’d recommend using subitems for the individual entries and then summarizing them into the parent item. At that point you could apply a formula to the sum value. (Alternatively, you could achieve this by linking the individual values to a single item on a board that stored “weekly” data).

    {Sum of Points},

That will allow you to only show a maximum of 40 points, however it won’t prevent you from inputting or create any kind of warning. An option there could be to set a filter or use custom formatting to highlight entries where the value exceeds 40.

Some of the above suggestions might seem odd or surprising. can seem idiosyncratic if you’re used to using spreadsheets. It’s worth remembering that is a database rather than a spreadsheet. This has various implications—it’s typically an advantage because you can expect consistent behavior thanks to the consistent format of records (items) in each board.

Hopefully the above is useful and feel free to reach out if you need more help.

Victor, did you find a solution?

If not, this would be my suggestion:

  1. As mentioned above, having the items being voted on as subitems and their sum on the parent item;
  2. In the subitems, create another column showing the maximum allowed rate to each subitems;
  3. As there’s no easy validation method, to make users aware of their vote being within the proper range (which is displayed at another column), create a formula to validate the rate as “rate received” or “review your rate” kind of thing.

Doing a validation as the user insert their rate is better than a validation of the total on the parent item.