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I am currently using a spreadsheet for the timesheets for around 12 employees. I would like to have a form that they could enter themselves on their own monday login.
Is it possible to have the total of the Column “Überstunden” and add it to the next month (group)?

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Hi @JoelDeschenaux

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We specialise in building custom workflows with integrations to make your platform even more powerful.

To answer your question, you can create a dashboard with a numbers widget to show the totals.

You can create a new view on the board and select form so that the employees can fill in themselves once you have customised it and shared the link to the employees.

I hope this helps.

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Hi @JoelDeschenaux :wave:

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If you’re looking to provide each user with their own monday.com log in, I would recommend having them add their timesheets directly into a board, rather than using a form.
This will take out an extra step in their workflow, and be much easier for them to edit should they make a mistake.
Every time a user fills out a form, this will be created as a new item on the board, so may get confusing if the team member needs to fill out multiple time logs for one day.

If you’re looking to pull data from the summary box that appears at the bottom of each group, I’m afraid this isn’t currently possible within the platform.
One thing you could do instead, would be to move your board hierarchy down one level, so that you track the individual time logs at the subitem level.
You can then roll up the summary of the subitems on to your parent items and view them there.
You can read more on this here: The Subitems

I hope this helps! Remember to mark as solved if this answers your question :smiley:



Thanks a lot for the answers.


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