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Fairly new to so this question will no doubt be easy for most of you.

I am trying to work out a formula that would allow me to enter a value into the “Credits” column and subtract that from a base number (18). I seem to have done that on the first occassion, but need it to cumulatively continue. So for example in the attached, where 3 is entered it would display 14, and then if 2 was below that it would reduce to 12 etc etc. Any ideas?
Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 12.03.16

I also would like the “Credits remaining” column to be blank where there is no value in the “credits” column.

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There is no “practical” way to do exactly what you are asking for with monday formulas alone. monday formulas can only reference/use values that are in the same item as the formula that is being evaluated. This can sometimes be mitigated by using connect boards and mirror columns. In fact, monday boards can now be connected to themselves. (Which could potentially enable you to do what you are asking for, if not for the complexity of creating and maintaining the item links.)

An additional issue is that there is currently no way to connect item or subitem sequence directly to the sequence a user sees in the user interface. Again, this can be mitigated by assuming that the items/subitems are sorted by specific column(s).

All that being said… there are some possibilities.

One option you might consider would be to switch the items to subitems. By doing that, you could mirror the sum of the credits column to the parent and then in the parent have a single credits remaining formula column that is basically “18 - the credits mirror sum”.

A second alternative (more complex) would be to use Make/Integromat (or similar platform) to create a custom process to update the credits remaining column when updates occur.

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