Running total for a budget with a column for remaining balance

I am looking to take an item from column Budget used subtract it from a budget balance of $10,000 to show the remaining balance of the budget allowed then take the next line and subtract that from the remaining balance from the previous line.


Budget used $1,000 Budget remaining $9,000
Budget used $500 Budget remaining $8,500
Budget used $1,500 Budget remaining $7,000

And so on. How do I get to do that please?

hi @ALyb

Welcome to the community. I understand you are looking for a kind of “running total” or “remaining budget”. As all monday automations work on just the item where the event (trigger) happens you can’t do this out-of-the-box. An automation that runs in the scope of an item does not have access to another item.

You can do this with Integromat / Zapier or custom apps although you should find a way to define “the previous item”. The position on the board is not a good solutions as your users can simply drag and rop items in any order. Also, you need to think about what should happen when previous item (which used part of the budget) is removed from the board.

Thank you for the reply. I was hoping had a smart GUI that allowed line items to change and could dynamically adjust the total lines as they were added/moved/removed. I was also hoping that I would be able to use it to track projects and budgets for several groups, however it appears that is not the solution for that in this case. My intent was to allow them to move projects around as needed to help with their budget planning. As to removing we would have set up a place for removed items to track that piece if needed.

I appreciate the response and will look at other options for this. We are currently using Excel which works on a shared space and was just hoping this would be a better option. Thank you!

There are multiple ways you can use to track projects and budgets, like using high and low level boards. Running totals on a single board is not supported but can be achieved with Integromat or other (no)code platforms. The only thing I meant to warn about is that running totals depend on a certain order or dependency. One way to manage dependencies is to add the dependency column to the board. Although this is normally used for dates and timelines it can be used by (no/low) code apps to create running totals.

I will look at those options. Thank you