Running Total issues

Hello everyone,
I am trying to add a column for running balance and someone did post something about this previously but the post has been closed:


Jun '20

I was able to get this to work if the items are linked. Mar linked to Feb, Feb linked to Jan, etc. Jan linked to nothing. Had some trouble getting the right formula. But finally got it working.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Create a formula column “cumulative revenue”. Set the formula to anything.
  2. Create a link column (don’t allow multiples) to the same board. Mirror the “cumulative revenue” to “Prev CR”.
  3. Edit the “cumulative revenue” formula to: SUM(CONCATENATE({Prev CR}),{revenue})
  4. Set the links to each row.

It’s probably possible to use an automation to create the linked records if needed.

I have tried to follow this but I cannot get the board to mirror itself in any way so I cannot follow his intructions.

Does anyone else have work around for this at all?



The ability to link a board to itself has been removed recently. Therefore using that method is no longer possible. At least for now. I believe this was because there were issues where links were creating infinite loops.

The dependency column can still be used to link/order items but Mirror columns do not support these. There may be a marketplace app that shows running totals. But I am not aware of any.

So, that’s the bad news. However, there may still be some hope. Depending on the details of your use case, you might be able to create an Integromat scenario that will give you running totals. If you are interested in considering that and would like help, let me know.


Hi Jim,

We would really like to have this column and at the moment Monday provides us with everything other than this so we are still downloading all data once a month to add this!

I do have a integromat account (free one) but i cant figure it out!



I’ll DM you and we can discuss a solution.