Notes/Comments boxes

Please can you update the column whereby if it’s notes or comments then the text can be wrapped within the column width. We can sometimes add alot of notes and the column hides the majority!

What specifically are you refering to here, an item text column or some other field? Because the “long text” column type (rather than text) does exactly what you’re asking.

Also I believe you should be posting this in platform discussion or feature request. This “feature requests” is in the monday Apps & Developers section which is for developers of apps on the monday platform.

It doesn’t actually allow you to do that when it’s on ‘long text’. You have the click the box to see the whole notes section rather than it wrapping the text within the box and making the row width wider. I want to be able to see the whole text without clicking every single box to read it.

I’m unsure where I’m posting as I’m a new user to so thanks for the heads up

image it says I am in Platform discussions.

@Rachbean , There is an existing feature request requesting the same.

Make sure to vote at the top of this feature request and comment your use case to increase the chances of this feature being developed by

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