Date column: how to not show days?

Hi there, for the date columns, is it possible to show only Months or Months + Years? i.e.:
Dec or Dec 2019 instead of 1 Dec 2019?

I know I can use the Text Column instead, but this does not allow automation for status updates.

The end goal here is to update a status if the month has passed. If there are any other alternative solutions, please let me know too!

Hey @zack good question! At this time there is not a way to close out the specific days, etc. However, what you could do here would be to just use the last day of the month for the automation. What I think makes the most sense is to set the date for Dec 31st, so if that date has passed, you know the entire month has passed.

Do you think this works as a workaround? I know we are looking into adding a “Month” column moving forward but unfortunately do not have any relative timeline on it!

Hey Brett, thanks for your reply. I’ll defnitely checkout the last day of the month automation.

Cheers (:

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