Date filtering with "is this year", "is next year", "is last year"

Dear When filtering a date field, with “is”, there are some options available like “this month”, "last week,…
I’m missing “last year”, “this year” and “next year”. It’s very useful in Excel and I also need it in Monday for my Dashboard in the Graph widget filter or in views of regular Boards.
Our company is setting KPI’s with annual goals, like probably every company does and therefore we need to have the possibility to apply the calculation of such KPI’s for specific years. Using a static definition like “between” 1.1.2021 and 31.12.2021 is not really great, because after the end of a year, we want the calculation to be dynamically changed to Year n+1 and need to perform the change for each and every view and graph widget.


I agree that those filter options would be a good addition.

Until they are available, one option for “advanced” filters is to create a formula column to create the filter values that you want.

For example…

The following formula will return: “Past”, “Last Year”, “This Year”, “Next Year”, or “Future” based on the value of {Date}

-2, "Past",  -1, "Last Year", 0, "This Year", 1, "Next Year", 2, "Future")

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Then you can set the filter to {Filter Formula} contains “This Year” (or whichever).

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