Dashboard filter by last month

In the filter options of the dashboard in the dates columns, you may filter by this month but not last month. I think last month filtering is the most popular when reporting. If you could add this filter option.
Thank you

Yes +1 on this one. We need advanced filters like there are in boards.

Hi @elena & @hlopezvc - You’ll be happy to hear that Advanced Filters for Dashboards is currently in beta testing inside of monday and with select Partners. The same amazing filters you can now use on boards will be available on Dashboards as well. Here’s a sneak peek: Screen Recording 2021-06-05...

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Hi @PolishedGeek thats a good one, im in to test it!!! if its avaliable obviously

Not yet, @hlopezvc - we have a list of clients queued up when it is. Everyone is eager for this! :slight_smile:

@PolishedGeek thank you, nice to hear that!!!