Date Filtering Options (Between Dates YTD, MTD)

Currently storing some really valuable data about leads (Date Created, Date Contacted, Date Seen, Date Closed) but the filtering on date fields only offers This week, This Month, Past Dates, then individual dates.

Such a shame adding more options here would open so many doors to allowing us to create really insightful reporting on lead progress filtered by dates.

The most valuable addition would be a ‘between dates’ filter option. Also Year to Date and Month to Date would be really helpful.

We want to have a chart that shows how many leads were created, Contacted, closed each month but for a specific year, not all time (that looks too big). If you could filter dates on charts, and ideally dashboard widgets too you could create much more specific, powerful charts.

Please consider this! :slight_smile:

Please! This is such a necessary feature. The between dates filter I would guess is the most needed feature that Monday does not yet have. Please, we need this!


Any update on whether date filtering options will be added at some point soon? As soon as this is unlocked I will be able to filter my board and dashboard to see the data i actually need to see!

This all seems to have gone quiet and I’m concerned it will never happen. Surely it can’t be ignored much longer I’ve seen multiple requests for it all with a lot of support but nobody has actually confirmed whether or not this will be done and it’s not on the roadmap.

Please revisit this request you’ll get so much back from this update as it opens so many doors.


This is a MUCH needed feature for us. We are a consulting company who uses a variety of date ranges for reporting and billing, ie QTD, last month only, From A to B

Can I vote for this multiple times? :slight_smile:


Any update on this? I need to filter by quarters for forecasting purposes as we forecast on a quarterly basis and there is no way for me to easily get an accurate number!

If anyone has a workaround that would be much appreciated!

Can I also suggest a date filter for “Last X Days”? I’d like to be able to display a rolling list of items that were completed in the last 30 days but the date filtering options are extremely limited.

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Any updates on if or when this might be looked at? I’ve seen lots of dashboard changes so I’d have thought better date filtering would be high on the list of desired updates.

When adding filters to dashboards you also need to have matching data for it to be an option. Eg. I want to setup a dashboard for August now in advance, but I have to add fake data into my board with dates set to August, just so it appears in when configuring the filters. Would be good if the filters just gave you date parameters regardless of whether or not there is data which matches that criteria.

This is needed in order to set our views.

Any news on this. I think this feature would be a great advantage

This is available now if you are using the Board filter v2