Between Date filtering

Can we please get a between date filter. Similar to that of excel. The date filters on excel are perfect. Is there to replicate that? As of now you can drag a timeline bar for a range of dates in search everything but that is very difficult especially if you have several boards with the same dates. In the filter of a board instead of searching or clicking each individual date an enormous time saver would be just selecting two dates to include all info in between those dates. This would also really help with yearly comparisons or simply finding out what happened within certain timeframes. Thank you for the consideration!
Ps. A good starting implementation might be utilizing what is already In the software. Meaning, whenever you select dates for a timeline you are only picking a start and an end date. If this function was placed In the filtering as well then Viola!


Hey :slight_smile:
When you say filtering, are you talking about the board filter or the search everything?

The board filter. Instead of clicking each date or selecting all but one. In between dates would be extremely useful


I’m wondering if you guys had any thoughts on implementing this?

You’re right, the Excel date filter is perfect and my team would love to see past dates collapsed into months to make filtering easier. Currently, the board filter doesn’t collapse dates (except for this week, this month, past dates), and the list of dates in the filter is very long and unusable.

Speaking of past dates, that’s not very handy either, as it is just the opposite of the ‘today’ filter.

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Has this been looked into?

We’ve passed on your comments and the request is being considered - we will update here if we decide to implement this.

Thanks so much!

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I’m adding a vote for this one.
We are using as a leads management system, and we lack the possibility to slice our data by date. It would also be awesome to be able to add date filtering to the Dashboard widgets, in order to show our weekly/monthly sales performance on a wall board!


Exactly, as far as sales goes this is really necessary for giving reports and showing contest winners etc. Hope this is near the top as I know many would benefit from this.

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Hey I was wondering if this has been put in motion? I know that this is really big for a lot of us and was hoping that we would have something to help filter between dates.

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This really needs to be a feature. My boss is ready to leave because for everhour because there’s no way to ask for a specific range of dates when building a report on a timesheet. I can do this with the APIv2 y’all have, but that will require extra effort on my part to resolve, which means I’m liable to not be approved for it.


Yeh we need to be able to filter on dates too so added a similar request (missed this one).

We have been using a workaround in the short term. We add a month and year formula column next to any dates where we need additional filtering. They have the following functions:

Month - TEXT(MONTH({Date Field}), ‘mm’)
Year - TEXT(YEAR({Date Field}),’####’)

You could add day too to be more specific. It allows us to filter by specific months.

Hope that helps some people whilst they find a more robust solution :slight_smile:

Thanks Jack. This will be a big help in keeping us going until I can build a custom tool to handle it.

We seriously need this as well. Are you going to add this feature any time soon?


It has been a really long time since Monday has responded to this request. Can you please provide some sort of update as this feature is a necessity in almost every single category of business. Is this something that will be released? Is it in progress? Do we have a time frame? Or is this not being implemented? Thank you for your time in regards to this request.


While we wait, here is a sort of hack-around:

  1. create a formula column

  2. paste this formula in, changing {date} to whatever the name of your date column is:


This will give you a column you can filter by with one click that says “Feb” or “Mar” or whatever for each of the months of the year. You can also use different “flags” instead of “MMM”, like “MM” will get you the month as a 2 digit number or “ww” will get you the week of the year.

Good luck!

Hi all.

We use Monday to manage our sales pipeline and we have both Open dates and close dates. I have been working on a work-around and I found one I think can help a lot of you.

If you want to compare or filter out rows (deals) according to quarters+ year or months I have two formulas that work for us.

For it to work you need a date column and two formula columns, in our case the date column is called “Opp creation date”. In the image you’ll see the columns we use and below the image I’ll write the formulas for the two formula columns.


Creation month formula: MONTH({Opp creation date})

Creation QTR/YR formula: CONCATENATE(“Q”, ROUNDUP(MONTH({Opp creation date})/3,0), " ", YEAR({Opp creation date}))

Hope this helps! :slight_smile: