Dashboard filter by last X months

I have an issue with filtering a dashboard by last X months - it is not filtering by complete months.

Here is some sample data:

Here is the chart without a filter:

If I apply the filter “last month” I get this result, which is expected behaviour:

If I apply the filter “last two months” I get this result, which is not what I expected:

I believe this is showing the last 60 days, not the last two months, which I consider to be different.

I think I disagree.

If something is in the last 1 month, I’d expect everything from that day of the last month. Let’s say it’s June 5th and I have “in the last month”, I expect everything from May 5th. I wouldn’t expect June 1st - June 5th.

What you’re looking for could be achieved fairly easily via a formula. If you have a specific requirement, I’d be happy to create that formula for you.


Decided to make it. There may be an easier way but this will work. It’s just a generic month difference formula. You can filter it in any way you require.

(YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR({Due Date}))

Thanks for the reply Francis. I still think that, for a chart that shows monthly activity, each month should show everything in that month.

As a compromise, like you, I opted to calculate a month “offset”, which allows for dynamic manipulation:

(12*YEAR({Date}) + MONTH({Date}))
(12*YEAR(NOW()) + MONTH(NOW()))

This gives me this view:

Which I can then filter (previous two months plus current month):

To give me the desired result:

Looks to have worked! Best of luck, Gareth.