Dashboard : filter by week, month, quarter

Hello everyone,

Do you know if we can use a dashboard with charts and have a filter on a specific week, month, quarter ?

Until now I only see two options as the closest thing :

  1. In boards that are used in the dashboard, I need to do groups where I put items by week or by month for example.

  2. In dashboard I can use a filter “this month, last month, etc.” but it is dynamic and I cannot look for a specific week or month.

Do you have any other suggestions ?

Thank you for your help, have a nice day,


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Hi @corentin.dalfarra,

When filtering on a dashboard, go to the Advanced Filtering option instead of Quick Filters, then create the filter as follows:

See screenshot below.

Hope this helps!

Hi @JuanHoltzhausen

Thank you for your answer, I have tried this feature and it seems great. In addition do you think it is possible to have a view with all the month or all the week for a specific range date ?

The only thing that can be annoying is that in odrer to switch from one month to another, I need to manually go in the filter section and change date range.

Anyway it saves me in my dashboard building, thanks again !


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I’ve got round this by creating multiple widgets in the dash, and pre-setting the filter range for each to give me the view I need (in my case I want a monthly total from two columns within a specific range, so I have two widgets per month, which I then label)

Hi @corentin.dalfarra
Happy to help!

In the scenario you described, I would go with @Hartwyn_Joe suggestion. Create multiple widgets with pre-set date filters. Unfortunately, if you’re specifying a range and not just going with ‘This Month’ or ‘This Week’ predefines, then you have to manually update the dashboard’s filter range.


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It would be really useful to create templates for widgets, aswell as have a pre-existing filter by calendar month. Is that possible with teh system as it stands? Or is it something that could go on the roadmap?
My workaround above works, but is a massive pain in the ass to set up. My use case: Each workspace is a project with around 5 boards. One of those boards is the cost matrix for the entire project, spread over the project duration which could be anything up to a 2 years. That cost is broken down by month.
I have a master dashboard for cashflow which is pulling data from each of those boards across various workspaces. I need to show total forecasted billable hours, total forecasted charge, and actual time tracked against each project. I need to do this by month.
In order to manage this I have two numbers widgets per month and a global timetracker widget. To onboard a project I need to ‘add board to dash’, then go in and build a new ‘start date’ and ‘end date’ filter for the new board, for each month. so two filters per widget, for 24 widgets. Time consuming and BORING.

Iddeally I could just build the widget I need and save it as a template, double ideally the option to assign a calendar month as a value to scrape.

Is there a better way to achieve this?

@Hartwyn_Joe I do agree with you, unfortunately, this is not currently possible.

The only workaround I have for creating templated widgets/dashboards is to create a Solution App, however this would not work in your situation if all the boards in different workspaces connect to one dashboard.

My suggestion would be to put in a feature request and hopefully it gets added to the roadmap.
Feature Request link: Help us to solve your clients problems (Partner feature requests)

I will have a look into the workflow you described and get back to you with some thoughts.

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