Widget templates!

Being able to build a widget, set groups, set filters and then save as a template so that it can be duplicated would be really useful.

Also having a filter that works by date range based on calendar month would save a lot of time (currently you have to use two custom filters - a start point and an end point - to achieve a view-by-month scenario.

Is thsi something that otehr people could use? Or does anyone have a workaround, either on the dash or in board architecture that could feed the dash?

My use case specifically is:
Each workspace is a project with around 5 boards. One of those boards is the cost matrix for the entire project, spread over the project duration which could be anything up to a 2 years. That cost is broken down by month.
I have a master dashboard for cashflow which is pulling data from each of those boards across various workspaces. I need to show total forecasted billable hours, total forecasted charge, and actual time tracked against each project. I need to do this by month.
In order to manage this I have two numbers widgets per month and a global timetracker widget.
To onboard a project I need to ‘add board to dash’, then go in and build a new ‘start date’ and ‘end date’ filter for the new board, for each month. so two filters per widget, for 24 widgets, per board. Time consuming and BORING.

Ideally I could just build the widget I need and save it as a template, double ideally the option to assign a calendar month as a value to scrape.


I agree @Hartwyn_Joe!
The ability to save a complex widget with multiple board links and complex filtering would be super helpful when attempting to share that data across multiple associates, teams and departments.
Thank you,