Charts/Widgets based on Saved Views/Filters

I’ve just thought of this:
What if we could use Views as sources of data for the charts/widgets instead of just picking boards and groups?
I think this would allow users to create extremely useful dashboards!


Hi Pablo

Thanks for your suggestion! Just to make sure I understand, are you referring to using saved filters on the dashboards or on the views on the boards?

I’m referring to using saved filters on the dashboards.
With the filters it is super easy to slice data like this:

4 agents selected which might represent a team, 1 or 2 specific statuses from one status column, 1 tag from another column which might represent a Leads Source and an Specific Creation or Last Updated date.
If in the future you add the possibility to use data ranges to filter pulses, it will be even more powerful for reporting.

What I see is that we don’t have the possibility in the Dashboards to create charts or widgets which display these data slices.
This could be solved by allowing us to pick the board (as normal) and then select which view of that board (or Saved filters) we want to use to build our widget.
Does this clarify my proposal? :blush:


Yes, it does! We’re planning lots of improvements for reporting and slicing of data, both on the board and dashboard level.

I’ll make sure that the relevant people see this suggestion!


Hey Any ETA regarding improvements to the dashboards?
I’m trying now to set up a dashboard to visualise some task lists and the lack of filtering possibilities is forcing us to rethink the entire setup.

Hey @PabloVerano,

It’s going to be at least a month or so but we’re on it!!

Thanks for your patience whilst we make these necessary improvements :slight_smile:

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