Dashboard Filtering

Can the dashboards be more granulated? I would like to be able have the ability to view in the dashboard a person + status column + time. Not just all the time for one person.


this would looks great +1 on this one

Hi @hlopezvc, @tara

Could you elaborate on what you’d want to achieve with the Dashboards? I’d love to discuss and pass your input to our dev team :slight_smile:

Sure, happy to set up a call

Not sure where this went @Qassam-monday.com, but I also find the ability to format dashboard information a bit limiting.

To simplify (maybe): We need to be able to select x and y axis as well as filters on people, teams, boards, #tags and our other column types to create the right “pivot” of the data.

The dashboards are pretty, but less than useful to us right now unfortunately :frowning:

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oooh, while I’m at it… everyone LOVES the llamas widget! The idea that the team had today was “what if we could pick other animals?”
Apparently someone on the call I was on had been accosted by a rogue llama, they were of course just making a joke about llamas offending them, but it was a great idea… because if I have llamas for one type of dash and (let’s say) cats for another, dogs for another… we can keep the smiles going while also giving users more functional use of the visuals :slight_smile:
just a thought!