Greater Control about Advanced Filters (and + or)

Hi monday-team,

I would be really happy about two changes for filters:

  1. give us the option to combine “and” and “or” filters. So far when changing this dropdown it changes for everything.
    However I would like to be able to do for example the following:
    Filter everything assigned to person A with status X OR assigned to person B with status Y
    This should not include person B with status X and vice versa.

  2. include these advanced filters in dashboards. Even without the change in combining “and” and “or” this would greatly improve the use of dashboards, as I understand the current filtering is always an “or-condition”

Thank you for your replies!

+1 ON THISSS Onee , its a must-have

100% agree to this! Hope to consider this asap.


Alternatively, or in connection with, would it be possible to provide “dashboard/filter” level access to guests? Instead of subscribing them to entire boards, they would only see the filtered information displayed on the dashboard?


Any updates on this from anyone?

I NEED to be able to use Advanced Filters in Dashboards to be able to get the type of data I need. I am looking to be able to create a chart based off a certain period of time. Currently there is no way that I can find for me to be able to do that.

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Hi @TaylorTedesco - Good news! Advanced filters for dashboards is currently undergoing internal testing at monday. No ETA yet on when it will start rolling out to the general user community, but it is coming.


Awesome!! Thank you! You’ve been giving me great news lately lol.

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Hey there! Any update here?

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Bump on this.
I have more and more instances in which I would need to combine AND and OR filters. Will there be an update to this functionality anytime soon? Or anytime at all, for that matter.


Completely agree. I joined community just to suggest this. The best way to implement this would be parentheses – a left paren and a right paren could each be one line in the filter. You can limit nesting to keep things from getting OTT complicated, but it really is a must-have; I need to be able to see, for example, features that are assigned to me OR my partner, that have at least one not-done status.

Oh my goodness, I just noticed this. This is still happening that we can’t mix “AND” with “OR” filters on a board. This is such a disruptive restriction.
Are there any updates on the development of this feature?


Bump! Would love to be able to use this. My use case for reference:

We have a high-level board of projects across all departments and skills. We’re a very flat structure and freelancers and employees often help in different departments.

We often use tags, views, and filters to narrow information and view an approximate to-do list. Example views: “My Tasks” shows Me (Dynamic) AND is not in groups “Done”, “Waiting on Client”. The “Dev Tasks” view currently shows Me (Dynamic), and all of the Devs, OR any tasks in the “Web Design & Development” group. However, I’d like it to do that AND also not in the group “Done”, “Waiting on Client” - that way you can view just current projects.

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I wouldn’t call this a feature but a bug and I am very surprised that this was requested more than a year ago and still is not fixed

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Came here trying to work why combinations of AND / OR was working. Only to have it confirmed that this was never implimented in the first place which I think is incredibly surprising and disapointing. I’ve been using Monday for a month or so and so far I’m not impressed with how limiting it is. I’d be using Notion if I had the choice.

I am already dealing with adding filters for each widget for 40 boards on a dashboard and now not having ability to use bitwise operators together just adds a layer of disappointment.

Can this please be prioritized?

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I have been on a sabbatical for 3 month. It is very disappointing that this topic not only hasn’t been solved but there isn’t even a response from someone from

Please let us know when the advanced filtering has actually advanced at least this far.

Still no update here Monday or Polished Geek?

We just transitioned to Monday from Notion and the fact that this isn’t possible is significantly hindering my ability to assemble meaningful data.

I literally have a whole dataset that’s being filtered out of a bandwidth prediction. Yikes.

Also waiting for this.

Until it’s available, here’s a couple of workarounds

Option 1. Use a formula column for advanced conditions and set the filter based on this column
Option 2. Add a tabel widget to a dashboard. AND & OR can be combined by putting separate filters for the dashboard and the widget. (Only a viable solution for less complex boards, but useful in some cases)

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Combining AND and OR would be really useful. If you are worried about managing parenthesis, you could keep it simple first and just give priority to the AND’s over the OR. That covers at least half the use cases already.


It would also be great if they give us an option to write the query. I think most of us are willing to manage that.