Date of birth not emptpty, Execute Formula, If Populated, Show Text Output

Hello dear Community,
Does anyone implemented the following formula, mine does not populate text if column is empty.

IF(MONTH(TODAY())>MONTH({Date of birth});YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR({Date of birth});IF(MONTH(TODAY())=MONTH({Date of birth});IF(DAY(TODAY())>=DAY({Date of birth});YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR({Date of birth});YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR({Date of birth})-1);YEAR(TODAY())-YEAR({Date of birth})-1))

“No date of birth entered”)

@ JCorrell?

I thought I had the answer. Pretty sure it’s about syntax but I can’t figure it out. I defer the the Maha- @JCorrell .

@costavia, @psperry

It’s not as fancy; but this is how I would probably do it:

IF(AND({Date}, DAYS(TODAY(), {Date})>0),
   "Birthdate Error"

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YES YES YES - thank you!

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